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College and high school students are often out of time to do their assignments or have no interest with the assignments. Because of this, they are always going online in search of help with writing academic papers and essays every day. Whenever they search for writing services, they get overwhelming response because there are so many websites that claim to offer quality writing services at reasonable prices online. However, not all of them are genuine. In an effort to find help, students tend to make quick decisions and find themselves in the hands of scammers who take advantage of their desperation. These scammers produce low quality work, often plagiarized or re-written in a hasty manner. The students end up with nothing to show for their money and they get discouraged.

We are here to help students to find a solution to this problem and find writing companies that are consistent in providing original high quality work that they need. To do this, we help students understand the qualities that reputable writing services possess. Among the things that students need to find out in searching for writing companies are:

  1. The communication channels that the company has. Reputable companies will usually have a telephone number and live chat services to respond to the concerns of their clients.

  2. Website content that is professional and reads like it has been writing by a person who speaks English well. The way the content is presented will give you an idea of the capacity of the company to write.

  3. A specific order form that asks more questions other than the length of assignment, genre and deadline. Professional companies will go further to understand what resources you want used, the formatting style and your level of study

  4. Display samples of the work that the company’s writing team has written before. Find out whether the company will provide background details about the person handling your assignment and whether you can contact them as they work on your assignment.

  5. Check the consistency of the communication methods that you can have with company staff and check when communication happens

  6. Read the reviews written by people who have given work to that company both on its website on the social media

  7. Find out whether the company has a recourse strategy in case you are not impressed with their work. A good company will often have a recourse strategy in place because they want long-term customers.

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The other way of finding a reputable writing company is Here, you will find comprehensive reports generated based on customer reviews and our own side investigations. The reports rank writing companies based on their performance in providing great customer support, accessibility to customers, pricing, quality of work and completeness of final products. We provide a list of the top rated writing companies that meet the expectations of customers that makes it easy for you to find a reputable company. We also put their videos and website links so you can reach them easily.